The Intercessor’s Way:
Today we stand as heirs of promises beyond our wildest hopes and imagings. Our hearts are calling out for God and the supernatural. We partner with God to change our world.

“You see our Father is a good Father, and He wants you to have what you need. When you ask for one thing, He is not going to give you something that is of no use or something that might be harmful. (Luke 11:5-13)

He wants a relationship with you. To have this, you must gjve Him what He wants—your heart. Intercessors must continue to ask, seek and knock if you hope to find. Intercessors have to spend time sitting at His feet, letting Him teach and purify you. It is the only way you can cut through the static of your own mind in order to hear His voice and answer. If you do that, He will not refuse you, nor will He withhold from you the most precious thing He has —His own Spirit —that you might be able to do and be all He desires for you.” Intercessors believe that ALL of God’s promises are “yes and amen.”