Youth Ministry

Welcome to Revival Generation Church!
Our vision is…
Fueling Passionate Hearts to Ignite Revival in this Generation

We are a dynamic group of people intentional about building personal relationship with God and each other. While technically headed up by Quintun (often just called “Q”), RGC is much more than a game night for teens, or a lecture session on something in the Bible; it is an ever-changing contrast of the reality of a fallen world yet a hope of a wondrous invasion of heaven into this dimension. One evening with us will hardly illustrate all that is going on. For example, a side note this summer is an ongoing illustration carrying no explanation:
-A ceramic bowl was used for a cereal eating contest, but was broken half way through. That same night, given the task of repairing the bowl using stick glue, all purpose glue, duct tape, 2 bowls were constructed from the 1.
-Week 2 of the bowl adventure, both Bowls were washed with soap and water to be prepared for further use as a bowl. One lost some fragments, but the usability of the bowl was not affected
– In the week following the washing, both bowls had to be tested for functionality and it was proven that both were suitable for hosting ice cream cake. Unfortunately, the bowls were rinsed but not washed afterwords, so time will tell what the affect will be…. 

We normally meet every Wednesday at 7:00 pm downstairs in our youth room, but anything is up for change, contacting Q never hurts.
RGC is a group focused on 7th through 12th graders
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Contact Quintun Pribbenow – 907-398-6963