Who We Are

Sunday Service Times

  • Pre-Service Prayer- 10:00 AM
  • Sunday Morning Service- 10:30 AM

King Jesus– We worship and glorify our risen Lord and Savior! He is the head of this Church. The style of our worship is contemporary and relevant.

Acceptance– We offer you friendliness, openness, and unconditional love. This is a place to grow.

Lay Ministry– We believe God has called all of His people into the ministry, and most of our members are actively involved in meeting needs.

Inspired Word– We believe the Bible is God’s Inspired Word for us today. We emphasize the personal, practical and positive solution in God’s Word for life’s common problems.

Fruit of the Spirit– We emphasize growth and maturity in the fruits and gifts of the Holy Spirit. We believe genuine Christians will grow in love and faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.

Our Purpose– We exist for four reasons:
1) To Celebrate God’s Presence,
2) To Communicate God’s Word,
3) To educate God’s People,
4) To Demonstrate God’s Love.

Networking– We emphasize relationships, not “organized religion”. We work together to be responsive to the needs, hurts, and interests of those on the Kenai Peninsula.

Shape– We believe you are shaped for significance.
S- Spiritual Gifts, H- Heart, A- Attitude, P-Personality, E- Experiences.
1 Corinthians 15:10 says, “By the grace of God I am what I am”.

Keep Pressing On– Forgetting what is behind we press on towards the goals Christ has given us.

Yielded To God’s Will– We believe God is looking for availability. God is looking for people whose hearts are fully committed to Him. We seek to be such a people in this generation.